Effortless and Creative Fundraising vs. Traditional Fundraising

What is the difference you ask?

Many organizations who rely strictly on individual donations also rely on major sponsors who can provide support on a larger scale and on a yearly basis.

It’s important for any charitable organization to have constant a flow of funds because without it they wouldn’t be able to provide their programs and services.

Traditional fundraising takes time and planning. They can provide a significant source of funds and can also be very successful if you have the right organizational materials.

Low-effort creative fundraising can raise money fast, but it also can save time and allows the organization to be productive in other areas where necessary.

For example, one of the low-effort creative fundraising campaigns I recently came across is called “FundScrip”.

This is one of Canada’s most successful gift card fundraiser. Not only does this program have an amazing list of retailers, but it also allows supporters to be creative with their shopping by using gift cards to make everyday purchases.

You don’t even need to change where you shop or what you buy and it also doesn’t cost you anything!

Supporters sign up to support a group, browse retailers, purchase gift cards of their choice and a make a donation without being out of pocket. A contribution is in fact made to the group out of the generosity of the retailer. The retailer will donate a percentage based on the amount of the gift card purchased by the supporter. 

Get started today, fill your stockings and support Badge of Life Canada!! 

https://www.fundscrip.com/support-a-group Enter Group Invitation Code 2QYN79 

Shop for eGift Cards and receive them directly to your email or get free shipping with up to 7 business days for delivery.

Remember, giving is not just about making a donation…it’s about making a difference!


A peer-led charitable volunteer organization committed to supporting police and corrections personnel who are dealing with psychological injuries diagnosed from service.
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