Looking for the right Wedding Photographer?

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming for newly engaged couples. Not knowing where to start or where to look? Even finding the right vendors can be one of the hardest decisions to make.

Well, don’t worry! Royal Events has met with a very talented wedding photographer Tania Schumacher Photography who has shared with us a few tips to help make your search for the right wedding photographer much easier.

  • Review their Portfolio – Every photographer’s photographic style is different, see if it matches your vision. For example, if the photographer’s portfolio shows a lot of dramatic, bold colors and high contrast images and you are looking for light, airy, dream like images chances are this is not a good match.
  • Meet your Photographer – Once you have narrowed down your choices to 2-3 possible photographers, it is important to meet with the photographers on your list in person.  Ask questions. Be sure to be up front with them about your expectations. The photographer wants to make you happy but if what you desire is not within their ability they need to know so there are no disappointments later. Choose the photographer you feel the most at ease with because after all they will be spending the day with you during this very personal and intimate chapter of your life. You want to able to talk to them. If you feel at ease, then you will be more relaxed and therefore the pictures will be more natural and more “you” resulting in images you will love.
  • Know your Budget & What to expect – There are many photographers to choose from and the pricing can be darn right confusing since there is a large range. There are some photographers that are very talented and yet offer a low rate perhaps because they are just starting out or they have a full-time job and this is their side gig and the reverse is true as well where the photographer charges a premium price for poor quality work or their work is fine but the customer service is poor. Once again look to their portfolio to see the quality you can expect. Read reviews from past clients. These will give a clue as to how they were able to deliver the final products. Did they provide good customer service? Were the clients happy? Expect to pay at least $4,000 for a seasoned wedding photographer. Their portfolio should easily demonstrate they are well worth this amount. Above all else, go with your gut!

Special thanks to Tania Schumacher Photography, a photographer who captures unforgettable memories and the natural beauty we all possess.

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